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Review: The Road To Byron

The Road To Byron
The Road To Byron by Isabelle Rowan

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[a:Isabelle Rowan|2457566|Isabelle Rowan|] is a favourite author of mine, but I have to be honest and said that The Road to Byron left me wanting more.

The writing is flawless, just like in all her other works. Isabelle Rowan manages to transmit the characters emotions and get the reader involved with their feelings.

In The Road to Byron we have Craig and Matthew, who have been best friends since they can remember. As a “rite of passage” they decided to take road trip to Byron beach. Together with Kelly, Craig´s girlfriend, they embark on the trip of their lives.

Matthew´s background is pretty simple, his mom died a couple of years ago and he´s been living with his dad and his dog ever since, right next door to Craig´s family.

Craig´s family is a very different story. Coming from an abusive home, Craig has always counted on Matthew´s family to be his safe haven. No one knows the real extent of the abuse, not even Matthew. Some things have been left unsaid between these two friends for too long. And without them even knowing they come to an agreement not to discuss them.

So, the trip to Byron will push the secrets out of the closet, in more ways than one.

I really like the dynamic between the three characters on the first part of the road trip. Kelly is absolutely in love with Craig, and is also very sensitive to Matthew´s feelings towards his best friend. Call it female sixth sense, but she is the first one to notice that is more than just a brotherly bond what Matthew feels for Craig.

After a beach party, Matthew meets Damien on the beach. This is a boy he saw from afar the night before but couldn’t gather the courage to go talk to. Light conversation, a swim and some under the water light touches…a kiss, and things changed for Matthew in a way he wasn´t expecting.

Over the next few days, Matthew and Damien share more and more time together, stolen moments and kisses.

Matthew´s discovery of his sexuality is all done in a very sweet, intimate way. Damien is so patient with him and always very concerned about his feelings, never pushing. But there is still one thing that is always in the back of Matthew´s mind, and that is how will Craig react when he finds out.

It happens so fast, one moment Matthew is enjoying the feeling of Damien wrapped around him and the next he is trying to stop Craig from beating Damien. It all comes to the abuse Craig suffered as a child, and the memories were triggered by the image of his best friend with the other boy.

It is the moment of truth for Matthew, the moment his best friend finally knows who he really is. And even if it looks like it will be hard for Craig to accept it, it is not.

Will Matthew be able to embrace who he is and who he really loves, put his heart out there and show Damien he is ready? I really liked Matthew´s relationship with his father, and the way he finally gets to talk to him.

The angst doesn’t last long but it´s enough to have you worried for a minute.

Why did I want more? Well, this is a HFN ending and I was not ready for that.

It feels like it was too short, and a lot of things were left unsaid.

I wanted more, I wanted all the details on the HEA.

All in all a great coming out story, with a lot of potential.

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