Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Downtime

Downtime by Tamara Allen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Someone needs to get me more stars for this one :)
Tamara Allen is my new favorite author in Historical Romance, without a doubt!
After being introduce to the genre by Ava March I have to day I never expected to love and enjoy historical fiction so much.
Downtime has a mix contemporary with historical introduce by the time travel.
Honestly, for an FBI cop to land in 1888 in the middle of London it was a very amusing time.
Morgan, with his 21st century American language and ways, and Ezra an average Brit gentleman - they are the perfect combination.
I cannot praise them enough.
The love story evolves between Jack the Ripper mystery, broken engagements and ghost from the past.
And Morgan, who is so blind in the 19th about love as he was in the 21st.
It´s a great book, with a lot of research done from the author to mix Downtime with the actual events going on at the time in Whitechapel.
The romance, the love is there but is a very slow burn. There is so much more the story than their relationship that you will have to embrace all the character to fully experience the book.
I shared a few tears, I felt Ezra´s pain. I wanted to scream at Tamara Allen for scaring the living crap out of me! It didn´t last but the feeling was there.
When it comes to Morgan, his sense of humor and his innuendos, in a time when decorum is the norm he totally puts everyone out of their comfort zone and it´s very funny to read.

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