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Review: Something Like Winter

Something Like Winter
Something Like Winter by Jay Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Something Like Winter is one of those books that makes me wish my English was better and I could be more articulate and eloquent about it.
As it stand, I will do my best with what I have.
When I read [b:Something Like Summer|10213367|Something Like Summer|Jay Bell||15086656], it feels like a lifetime ago, was one of the first M/M books I ever read. I remember liking it, I remember Ben & Jace's love story and wanting them to be together till the end.
Ben's book was a romance, pure and simple.
Now Tim's book was so much more!
Something Like Winter is Tim's story, the same as Ben with told from a new point of new, with new eyes.
Everything Tim did makes so much sense now. Not that it didn't before but seeing it in first person was absolutely amazing.
I cried and cried. And I wanted to hug Tim, so much.
It was so easy for me to go back to these characters I loved so much.
Everything was in my mind, and it was hard at times to read because I knew what was going to happen. I didn't want their hearts to break, but I knew it was coming.
Seeing Tim's journey, his regrets, the lessons learned in the hard way, his coming out...if I didn't love Tim before I would love him now.
How life will test you to the limit, and how you have to make choices that will affect not only you but the ones around you.
Tim learns to be brave, I lesson Ben tried to teach him when he was still a teen. But I guess Tim just wasn't ready.
I have to make a separate note for Eric. This character that we never got to see in SLS, the mysterious man behind Tim's money. Getting to know Eric was without a doubt a highlight in Something Like Winter. Their relationship, their love for each other, was so strong.
And the fact that even without being intimate Eric manage to be the closest person to Tim's heart (apart from Ben of course) A love so pure, that help Tim come out of his shell and work hard to be the man Eric knew he could be.
Even Marcello is a likeable character. I despise Ryan, all over again. But he had a purpose in this story and it worked. Allison was as adorable now as she was before, and it was nice to see how they interact.
I loved the Prologue, and Im glad Jay still gave us a little glimpse into their future. Happy couples are boring (maybe) but we still want to see them live HEA.
After everything these two went trough is the least they deserved.
I am ready to read it again! Crazy, I know.
If you haven't read Something Like Summer yet, please do so before joining Tim in Something Like Winter, it will all make more sense that way.
THANK YOU, Jay! for giving us Tim's story...such an incredible journey.

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