Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Breaking Cover

Breaking Cover
Breaking Cover by Kaje Harper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

not much to say other than I need book 3 right now.
So much going on for Tony and Mac. Their relationship has to face the hardest tests yet.
I really liked how the whole situation was handle by Tony, and the way Mac got to deal with his feelings.
Is not all happy-happy in their lives but they will get trough.
I just want to have more, more from Ben and Anna, more Tony and Mac as a couple and as parents...and I want less Brenda in general.
It was a hard book to read at times, the situation with Ben's custody is not easy, specially because the author portraits Ben's grandparents like so many people in our society - calling names and being the worst type of person they can be.
But I guess it was necessary, to be crude about it, to be real. It was also the last push Mac needed to step out of the closet.
I think the one quote I will take with me is "The hardest thing about coming out, he reflected, was that it was irrevocable." Mac has so much to loose, he is just as scared as any 16yo boy would be, with the added pressure of a life full of lies and the risk of losing not only his job but his daughter too.
All in all a great sequel.
Now I'm ready for the HEA without the drama. But knowing Kaje it won't be that easy and Im really looking forward to read [b:Home Work|15706627|Home Work (Life Lessons, #3)|Kaje Harper||21370466]

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