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Review: Wellesley Wives

Wellesley Wives
Wellesley Wives by Suzy Duffy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bear with me while I get my thoughts in order here.

This is one of those books that left me with a lot to say, a lot to think about, a couple of questions and the feeling that it really doesn't matter what life has in store for you - you can still kick life's ass if you have the right girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter beside you.

I'll be honest, at first I read it as a "Gossip Girl"/ "Desperate Housewives" mash up.
I had issues with the way they view their life and money.

But then I got to listen to their voices, each of the MCs in this story has a unique voice.

Popsy, how to explain how clueless she was?! She had the perfect house, husband and daughters. Nothing was wrong in the world as long as she and her family were save. Well, she was not ready for her life to fall down in front of her eyes. And then she just proves what an strong woman she is. Something she didn't even know herself, because she relay on her husband too much.

Sandra, I love her! I see myself in her (minus the money of course!) She is a strong a determined woman. One that finds herself in a marriage at 40 years old, wanting something that her husband wont give her, a child of her own.
And just like, it sometimes happen in real life, Jack decides that enough is enough and he is in love with a new girl half his age.

Lily and Rosie are Popsy's daughters. Each with their own issues and secrets. They both have to be strong in their own way. One standing up for herself and her own child, demanding respect out of her husband, and the other one needs to let the guilt go and find her own way in life.

If there is one moment not to miss is the conversation between Sandra and Lily, OMG! I was waiting too long for it to happen.

The men in this book, serve their purpose.

Peter, Popsy's husband is the love of her life. A type of love you don't get to experience twice in your life.

Jack, it's been a long time since I hated a fictional character as much but he does have a heart, even if he hides it most of the time.

Matt, Shane and Sven are the ones totally worthy and we don't even get enough of them.

It was amazing to be in each of this woman's minds. Each character gets the space they need, so you as a reader can understand how they think, how they feel.

Thank you Ms. Duffy for a great book! I look forward to read more from you in the future.

I received a free ARC directly from the publisher.

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