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Review: The One Who Saves Me

The One Who Saves Me
The One Who Saves Me by Cardeno C.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I still have that happy feeling inside, the same every [a:Cardeno C.|4620386|Cardeno C.|]book leaves me with.
First, I´m going to comment on the first thing that caught my attention to this author, her book covers. And especially this one, I think it´s absolutely gorgeous, and it also portraits the characters just like I picture them in my mind while reading.
I guess, the one thing I love the most about the book is the same that most of the people dislike about it...the format, and the way the story was told.
Some may argue that is a list of events and hook ups between them, but they are so much more than that. Is the way we get to meet the characters and their background.
It´s very unique and original (at least for me) the whole story is told with one main event each year, in which both characters are together for different reasons.
We meet Andrew "Drew" and Caleb "Cae" at the young age of 14, when they start to build their friendship, when it´s all about spending time together, having fun, getting to know each other and share that week together every summer.
As they grew older, early 20´s they both acknowledged their sexuality and their relationship turns into a stage of discovering, exploring. Who else to trust than your best friend? So they share their firsts with each other.
Somehow along the way it turn to be a constant in their lives, as time goes by, they know that as long as none of them is in a relationship they can count on each other. Not just for sex, but friendship, comfort.
They are the one and only constant. Boyfriends come and go, Drew and Cae are still together and strong; but still calling it a friendship.
For some is impossible to believe there can be two people as emotionally blind as these characters, for me it was just the way everything change without them even knowing.
How comfortable that change was, and how there wasn´t any doubt about it once they see their feelings clearly.
I wish there was at least one tiny little Epilogue. I wish I could see them happy together together.
I love Cae´s sense of humor, though I would have him rolling his eyes a bit less. And Drew is just adorable in all his intelligence, he is so fragile inside.
I can´t have enough of Cardeno´s books.

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